— is assured and I will not reveal anything that is told to me without my client's written approval except in the event of a life threatening situation i.e. where I truly believe that a client is in imminent danger of self harm or is a danger to others.
— I will truthfully interpret the tarot cards to the best of my ability and I will always be honest and let a client know if a card or series of cards is puzzling and difficult to interpret. I will not try to hide what the cards indicate no matter how difficult or challenging the card may be but I will also try to offer whatever wisdom, life experience or intuitive insight I can to help bring light into a situation.
— I will not seek information through the cards on the thoughts or actions of a third party i.e. readings that are focused on the personal matters of someone who is not present at the reading table. We can only ask for information about our own actions and reactions to situations and / or relationships and seek insight into our own behaviours and how we can influence or effect change, if change is sought.
— Fees will be clearly stated and agreed upon before the beginning of the reading. If a client is not satisfied with the level of my knowledge, my ability to communicate the information provided by the cards or the conduct of the reading itself I will refund any fee already paid to the client. This does not apply if the client simply does not like, or want to hear, the information imparted by the cards. I acknowledge that there are times that the cards simply do not want to offer information at a given time and no charge would be made in these circumstances. The reading must make sense to the client and provide some understanding of the circumstances that have brought the client to the reading.
— I will always recommend that clients seek licensed professional advice in relation to legal, medical, financial or psychological matters. I am not qualified to provide information or advice beyond my interpretation of the tarot cards themselves. I will conduct myself in a professional manner. I will be on time for appointments and will be fully present during the reading, paying attention and listening carefully to my client. I am committed to the ongoing study and practice of my tarot craft to help me improve my knowledge of the cards. I will not allow my clients to become overly dependent on my services nor pressure them for return visits. I will not read the cards if I consider any party to be under the influence of mind-altering substances. I reserve the right to decline any reading which may violate my own personal ethics.
— I respect and honour all clients regardless of age, gender, race, background, spiritual beliefs, sexual orientation or economic status.
Self Determination
— I am aware that many clients seek insight and guidance at challenging times in their lives and so are often emotionally vulnerable at the time of their reading. I will remind clients that they have sole responsibility for their own happiness and wellbeing; for their own actions and decisions. I will not recommend or advise any particular course of action. I cannot make decisions for a client.

I am not a fortune teller and I do not believe that tarot readings reflect an inevitable, immutable future.  We all have the right to exercise our own free will, make our own choices and set our own direction. 

Chrissy Hodkinson